Our Background



Real Thai has its roots in a Thai Export Company and we have been exporting our ingredients to more than 35 countries over the globe. Over the decades, Real Thai not only delivers the authentic taste and delicacies of Thai food to all over the world, it also enables you to create pleasant dishes from the comfort of your kitchen with the high quality and uncomplicated method of cooking using our spices.

Our Story



A new concept of Thai Restaurant, unlike any other. Bringing Thai food to you in the form of Fast Serving and Slow Cooking. Ensuring that meticulous creation of our food does not compromise the speed of which it is served. Also adding the touch of Fun, by allowing you to create your own with our Customized Set option. Think Green Chicken Curry Paste with Roti, Rice or even Noodles, paired with a drink of your choice to complete your meal. Here, we make the best Thai recipe readily available to you in its true form, making the authentic tastes and uniqueness of every dish our primary concern. We carefully source the best ingredients to use them in all our signature sauce and paste and this makes us uniquely different. This is also where the secret to the remarkable taste of our food lies. However, sourcing the ingredients alone is not the key. We take the extra mile of mixing and developing these recipes to perfection in order to finally achieve the best combination of our Thai recipe. Now whenever you crave authentic Thai food, we got you covered. REAL THAI: The only place where you will find yourself chomping the food down as fast as we get them to you.


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